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Cyber Extortion and Critical Incident Handling

  • BeCentral 12 Cantersteen Bruxelles, Bruxelles, 1000 Belgium (map)

Hostage Negotiation, Cyber Extortion, Critical Incident Handling and You!
To Pay or Not To Pay used to be the question, now, Are You Ready to Negotiate?

What are the lessons from state-of-the-art Hostage Negotiation and Critical Incident Handling via law enforcement and other global expert geopolitical and terrorist incident handlers that can be applied to cyber-attacks and incidents? Are we ready to support our C-suite, board executives and businesses through an extortion incident? When a major crypto-malware strikes a client, are we ready? Do we understand the psychology of our opponents during an incident? Are we truly engaged using all our resources to derive maximum harm mitigation and optimal outcomes? When things go really really wrong, do we know where, how and who to go for help supporting us through a stressful time?

Cyberwayfinder has the pleasure to host InterVentis Global's Calvin Chrustie (formerly Senior Director Operations for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police), Schmulik ZoltakTimo der Weduwen and team to walk us through this sea-change in our approach to cyber incident handling. Join us for a pre-meeting networking session, a presentation, an open forum and lively debate and discussion about how ‘real-world’ crises and critical incident negotiation and handling as it applies to cyber and security. We want you voices and feedback and challenges, please come prepared with the tough questions!

* “Ransomware attacks … account for nearly 24 percent of incidents where malware was used. Ransomware has become so commonplace … a serious threat to all industries. …
C-level executives were twelve times more likely to be the target of social incidents and nine times more likely to be the target of social breaches … financial social engineering attacks… that compromised executives rose ...”-2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report

InterVentis Global Profile

InterVentis Global is a group of internationally recognized crisis negotiators, specializing in hostage takings, (cyber) extortions and kidnapping. They have decades of experience dealing with some of the worlds most difficult and high risk negotiations with criminals and terrorists. They have taught, coached and advised corporate and government leaders for several decades while serving in the police, military and private sectors. Three of the team members are joining us in Brussels to further the interconnectivity between cyber security managers and crisis negotiators, with the aim of infusing the cyber responses with the proven and sophisticated techniques of international crisis negotiations.

Shmulik Zoltak, M.A. - former Commander of the Israeli National Police Crisis Negotiation Team for 15 years and retired in recent years and is a founding member of InterVentis Global. He is recognized internationally in the field of Crisis Negotiations with extensive background extortions, kidnapping and related crisis negotiations and the management of these incidents. In addition to being trained in Israel, he is a graduate of the FBI Hostage Program, and a certified clinical psychologist, has consulted and taught around the world, including recently in the cyber world. He is currently based in Tel Aviv.

Timo der Weduwen - MA - formerly a United Nations senior security official and the resident-expert in hostage negotiations, has led, coached, managed and advised senior leaders around the world in the field of kidnap, hostage and extortion negotiations. He is a graduate of Scotland Yards Hostage Negotiation Program and has led the largest negotiation team in the Netherlands police. He has extensive global experience in the field of negotiations with criminals and terrorist entities. He is currently a founding member of InterVentis Global based in New York.

Calvin Chrustie, LLM - formerly the Team Leader of Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s (RCMP) International Negotiation Team. A team designed to respond top international kidnap and crisis situations involving criminals and terrorist groups. In addition to his negotiation training with the RCMP, he is a graduate of both the FBI’s and Scotland Yard’s Hostage Negotiation Programs. He has extensive experience negotiating and managing kidnap and extortion incidents. He is currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

Two other members of InterVentis Global not appearing in Brussels include, Marc Varri, a former FBI agent, well known internationally for his experience in managing kidnap and extortion cases, with extensive experience in crisis management. Marc is currently based in Madrid. And Moty Cristal, MPA, LLB, who is the former Commander of the Israelis Military Crisis Negotiation and internationally recognized as leading in the development of cyber and extortion negotiations. Moty is based in Tel Aviv.