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Hostage Negotiation skills for Cybersecurity Professionals, workshop

  • BeCentral 12 Cantersteen Bruxelles, Bruxelles, 1000 Belgium (map)

Take a Deep Dive into the minds of some world-class hostage and crises negotiators.

Crises management and negotiation is a hugely emotional skill set where the goal is often harm minimization and recovery with zero ‘good’ outcomes on the table. When all options are bad, the clock is ticking and people around you are screaming, how do you have confidence that you have what it takes, you have the mental-muscle-memory, world-class techniques and skills to step forward and say “I’ve Got This!” Moreover, how to recognize a situation has really reached the beyond,it is time to call in the professionals, and when you make the call, do you know how to adequately manage their outcome?

Can you drop into business conversations “according to my hostage negotiation instructor we approach these by …” Finally, during your next performance appraisal and salary negotiation, do you want to know how to utterly maximize your personal return? Then join us for a deep-learning masterclass in real-world critical event handling.