Rosanna Kurrer

Rosanna Kurrer

///new text from linkedin///Rosanna is an Architectural Engineer by training and holds a Masters Degree in Building Physics from Kyoto University in Japan. She is an experienced CAD designer and cut her teeth on Fortran programming to model building heat-transfer. For the past several years, Rosanna has led development of innovative, hands-on curricula to promote uptake of digital skills, particularly among girls and women. Rosanna is also a certified MIT Master Trainer in Educational Mobile Computing, as well as EU Code Week ambassador.

Co-Founder and Managing Director 
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Patrick Wheeler

Patrick is a cybersecurity practitioner and leader of transformative security initiatives. He's active in business, technology, compliance, governance, risk and control with over 20 years of experience executing international initiatives in banking, insurance, retail, technology startups, government, regulatory agencies and more. His Fortran experience was focused on contaminant fate and transport in natural systems. He holds an award from (ISC)² in Information Security Leadership, various degrees and has had job titles like CISO, Security Architect, IS Director and more. 

Co-Founder and Director
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Inga Pokhodilo

Inga is currently studying Political Science at the Free University of Brussels and participating in the CWF-program. She's been intrigued by cybersecurity since she has noticed that cyberattacks are frequently intruding critical infrastructure. As she enjoys exploring risk topics and new domains, she is particularly enthusiastic about countering cyberwarfare as well as cyberterrorism and developing cybersecurity strategies along with innovative cyber solutions.

Management Associate and Cybersecurity Analyst

Olga Danilova

Olga is a transferable knowledge specialist and the co-founder of the Renewable Energy Institute in Poland. She holds a Master of Science and a Master of  Environmental Management as well as a SSCP certification and diploma in a modern learning methodologies. Having a previous experience in organising tech training and education programs Olga participate in the conceptual work of CWF cybersecurity program development and responsible for the CWF operational management.

Cybersecurity Analyst and Educator