Transform your team

We take the risk out of hiring newcomers into your cybersecurity team. The candidates are pre-filtered for motivation, curiosity, drive and 'grit.'The program ensures a participatory approach and a constant learning growth mindset that is so important to success in cybersecurity. We all know that we must be constantly learning or else we are falling behind. By engaging your company and team with CWF candidates you are getting a three-year accelerated growth profile that is making a deep dive into all aspects of cybersecurity, from an intro to ethical hacking and OSINT through governance and ISOk. The support network of mentors and instructors ensures that candidates have access to global top-shelf resources and support throughout their learning process. The CWF curriculum, pedagogy and especially community is designed to last long beyond the three year program. The energy of these excited starters, strivers and accomplishers serve as an exciting addition to any cyber team!

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