Frequently Asked Questions 

Does this mean I would leave my current job?

YES, after the one month (evenings and weekends intensive) you will start in a new role in a new team, doing the work during the day that we are learning about as we continue evening and occasional weekends

What days will this be?

Tuesdays and Thursdays in the evening, occasionally Saturday mornings. Typical season is two hours.

What happens if I cannot make a session?

Please consider this like a university education, you do not always make all the courses, you ask a friend in the cohort to share notes, you attend remotely via video, we deal with it :-) If you believe you regularly cannot make the sessions then we need to discuss how you can arrange your life to make this possible for three years.

What happens if I cannot handle the work/course material/need to withdraw?

As a pilot program we sincerely beg you to not withdraw, a lot of people, including persons who cannot apply this year but wish to apply in following years are depending on the success of the first co-hort. We will do everything we can to assist, but the final success of this program relies upon the three key elements, your Motivation, Your Preparation and your Resiliency. Engage with the material, your cohort, the company and we will not let your fail.

Alot of happen in threee years, how can I be sure to finish?

See the point above, and, do please consider this the equivalent of the three year advanced academic degree in a very important effort with a lot of potential. This is equivalent in many ways to ‘going back to school’ and we would ask that you arrange a lot of things in your personal life to ensure your success.

Why cannot a colleague male apply?

This effort is targeted to address an overwhelming under- representation on a gender-basis in this industry. The ways for men to gain access to a career in cyber security are open and shareable and with many openings men are not disadvantaged at all in this industry, far the opposite. By demonstrating their competence, preparation and resiliency men are joining the cyber security workforce every day without such a program. Once we have reached a significant proportion of women in the industry indeed we could consider such a program for men as well. But for now, with under 7% overall and less than 3% at the staff level (and shrinking) we need to restrict this to a gender focused effort.

How much does it cost?

The program is designed to incur no out-of-pocket expenses. However ancillary expenses should be foreseen (having coffee and occasional dinners with your new cohort and teams). We do not have a large budget and this is being treated as a Startup Bootstrap effort so do not expect luxury accomodations, all our money is going to curriculum and content.

Will I get a pay raise/ decrease out of this?

We know that when we calibrate Cyber Security Careers and profiles that these are very rewarding professions. Human Resources has not worked out all of the details yet, however we expect you to earn equivalent to your peers who have entered this profession via other means and if you look to fair market rates, our intention is to ensure that you are compensated correctly for the work that you do.

I know that .... is going to apply, she is so much .... than me, would I even have a chance?

Not everyone who applies will in the end be able to arrange their life around a three year program. We also design this to be inclusive and someone who is extremely over-qualified and super-motivated may be fast-tracked directly into a cyber career and would not be appropriate to join our co-hort. Do not compare yourself against someone else, please apply as yourself!

I really wish to apply, but this essay intimidates me, how can I get started?

Contact either Rosanna or Patrick and we will help you identify your strongest motivators, some great stories about your preparedness and resiliency.

Will we really be doing this with women from other companies?

Yes, in order to build a community we need a ‘critical mass’ of fellow students to make this an interesting and vibrant community for you. Our goals it to have 6 women starting from Fortis and others from smaller companies