Our Mission

CyberWayFinder’s core mission is equipping people, who otherwise might not have found career-growth success, in a security career with the skills and mindsets necessary to start and accelerate a professional transition into cybersecurity. By addressing both skills and diversity shortage in the critical cybersecurity industry we foster inclusive growth of diverse teams. Cybersecurity teams in all sectors are facing rapidly changing threats and challenges that require the creative thinking of cognitively diverse, socially astute and multidisciplinary teams that can respond rapidly to our changing threat environment with innovative solutions and enhanced teamwork. In this ‘all-hands-on-deck’ moment, we seek enthusiastic, engaged professionals for our cybersecurity workforce-development program.

People are still busy initiating the inclusive and representative cyber workforce of Tomorrow, while we create it Today.

How does this program look like?

The core of the our workforce-development program is a three-year concerted effort by participants. Each year is divided into two semesters following the local academic calendar (Fall semester and Spring semester) corresponding with the academic calendar, giving a total of eight months of 'mission support training' in a year.

The first year starts with a ‘bootcamp’ of five-week intense weekday evening and weekend initiation to cybersecurity. This provides an introduction to the main domains of the first cybersecurity certification as well as exposure to the relevant technical vocabulary and industry practices. At the end of the first year, you'll take the Systems Security Certified Practitioner exam (SSCP). 

The objective of the second year will be extending and deepening knowledge finished with the CCSK certification. Classes will be mainly structured around cloud-security with the certification at the end of the fourth semester. Extra-efforts and community outreach and cyber resiliency building are expected.

The third and last year is mainly focused around the domains of the widely recognized Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.

While the core of the program is designed to be without direct participant cost, the costs of certification exams, study materials and ancillary expenses are paid by the participant.


Are you interested in cybersecurity? Do you wish to change your career and work hard for it? Are you ready to commit yourself for three years and let your knowledge grow? Then yes! We aim at women with or without extensive technical or IT backgrounds, ideally with transferable skills gained in other life and work experience, wishing to transition full-time into a career in cybersecurity. The primary success criteria, and our asked commitment is; courage, resilience, a drive to learn, a curiosity with the subject and a time commitment. This requires a significant personal commitment of learning for three years attending evening and weekend seminars in the center of the City.

How to join this program?

All our applicants are going through our application process. The easiest way to start this procedure is to get in touch with us through the form below! So, we will get back at you as soon as possible.

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‘Our unique blend of evenings and weekends practical hands-on, bench-top and academics allow participants to actively work in cyber-careers while they train, using what they learned the night before in their jobs the next day’